Ten months at Commerce Guys

 10 January 2014

It’s been 10 months since I have joined Commerce Guys. My job in the past months has been to maintain and improve Commerce Marketplace. Mainly preparing it to the commercial offering of Commerce Platform, our soon to be launched cloud hosting and development environment solution. By doing that my team has enhanced the Drupal Commerce ecosystem to support any kind of digital licensing and SaaS business with full-fledged recurring billing strategies and complete "dunning" management. Along this exciting road, I authored Commerce Dunning and worked on Commerce Card on File and Commerce Paymill modules.

Today marks an important date in my Commerce Guys path: I’m now entrusted with acting as the Release Manager of Commerce Kickstart. I am taking over the role from the amazing Jonathan Sacksick, who has done an incredible job in the past one and a half year.

Commerce Kickstart is an award-winning product and the most popular Drupal distribution that is out there with almost 8500 reported installations. I’m excited to contribute to its success story by maintaining the installation profile, maintaining its key modules, and doing new releases respecting the Drupal core release windows.

We’ll start working on a new major version during the year that will bring more excitement to the table, as well as even better, leading-edge, open source e-commerce technology.

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